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ButcherBox Cycling Team is a bike racing team concentrating on American-style criteriums and cyclocross events with eliTE and club squads for both women and men.


Our Four C’s:

Competition. Creativity. Community. Culture. 

Modern sport is a synthesis of performance, arts, technology, and entertainment. Our team endeavors to use these ideas to build an empowering system for our athletes and a virtuous cycle of positive (exciting) impact on the communities we race and ride in.  


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Championing American Racing

The team was founded by Steve M. Cullen and Beth Everhart. In 2015 they quit their jobs and hit the road to race every legendary criterium in the country. Steve and Beth have a passion for bike racing culture and the positive power of sport. They founded this team, which has grown beyond them, to create a path for riders to go deeper into the American scene and explore their highest potential. Their focus will always be the future of American racing and the unique style of it’s events, fans, and riders.

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fasturdays racing alliance

The team is owned by Fasturdays Racing Alliance, a sports management group that fuses high performance speed and vanguard style through innovative athletic collaborations.


OFF ROAD: Thea Kent and Kevin Church
ROAD: Beth Everhart and Ted Horowitz
DEVELOPMENT: Dino Piskopanis

Beth Everhart, Thea Kent, Sophia Brites Boss, Tanya Bolanova, Jess He

Spencer Movenzedah, Chris Goguen, Kevin Church, Ted Horowitz,
Nick Bruskewitz, Steven Ramirez, Steve Cullen

Dino Piskopanis, Brian Alba, Fisher Curran, Peter Daniels
Matt Davies, Anthony DePinto, Andrew Goodale
Eric Loehle, Ryan Ranjiv Singh, Matt Stordy

Steve M Cullen, Beth Everhart

Dino Piskopanis, Ted Horowitz, Steve Ramirez, Nick Bruskewitz

Tanya Bolanova, Fischer Curran, Ryan Singh

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