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The Project

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 Help grow a healthy, happy, and fast race community through the performance and social benefits of all-natural real foods.



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All-Natural Athletes

As a team, we love good food (and going real fast). We especially love fresh all-natural foods for performance on every level. Supplements are part of the game, but the more natural we can be on and off the bike, the better.

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High-quality meat is a mighty source of speed-supporting protein. ButcherBox is an expert on sourcing world-class, ethically raised meats. It's the cornerstone of our well balanced, comprehensive approach to sports nutrition. Now ButcherBox is expanding into other fresh whole foods and pure ingredients as the focus of our program. 


Product Co-Development

We are partnering with natural foods expert ButcherBox to develop athlete specific nutrition line. It's going to be delicious, simple and high-powered for performance needs.


Have a ride and burger with us anytime!